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Website Wiki

  1. Book domain
  2. Point server space to domain
  3. Write content
  4. Design logo
  5. Collate all blog & press mentions




  1. Encourage folks in Chennai to host outstation participants
  2. Help with hotel information
  3. Help with general queries
  4. Food, Snacks & Tea
  5. Ensure that there are Veg and Non-veg separate counters
  6. Ensure plenty of water at the venue
  7. Sign up beverage sponsor




  1. Book Venue
  2. Get necessary permission from authorities
  3. Get stage backdrop ready
  4. Print necessary banners



Tech Infrastructure

  1. Finalise location
  2. WiFi is an absolute must
  3. Ensure all laptops are able to get connected to wifi
  4. Ensure power plug points for all




  1. Outline Agenda
  2. Outline Speakers
  3. Theme, Products / Services, Notes
  4. Brainstorm Giveaways



  1. List all expenses
  2. Get sponsorship kit ready
  3. List down prospective sponsors
  4. Contact each sponsor and convert them




  1. Blog update
  2. Encourage all participants to put up their profiles
  3. Send constant updates to all participants




  1. Create press release
  2. Personally invite key press persons
  3. Sign up for press sponsorship




  1. Posters
  2. All Groups ( orkut, google, yahoo groups)
  3. Print Tshirts
  4. Create blog buzz
  5. Design icons
  6. Encourage people to liveblog the event
  7. Encourage participants to flickr, youtube the event