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Possible Logos For WikiCamp


My same logo just in smaller size- Balakumar Muthu




Finalised Logo Beta 2:


Please Send In your suggestions and comments -Prathul

Finalised Logo Beta 1:


These are colured versions of the previous one - Prathul








This one is simple and clear.



This logo is special in two ways. First in speaks for itself that wikicamp is being organised by TKF. Secondly have a look at the background of the image to know the funda. ;)



This is same as above, the design has been changed based on feedback.




The one below can be used as the logo and the banners are below. (The symbol is the logo of the Wikimedia Foundation - aquafied a bit :D)





My First 2 logos below can be used as the Main logo, while my next 2 logos with Indian flag can be used as the stage banner logo. Juz my views :). - Balakumar Muthu













The above three logos are loosely based on one of the logo found below in this page in the same color. This first two logos tries to join the blue dots to form the letter W, W for Wiki, joining these dots also tries to give a meaning of networking, thethird logo only shows W and the orange curve around it is to give a feel that every circle is an individual
















Is this good?



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